The Far Side Band

- name under construction -

Next autumn, you will see the first rays of what will hopefully become a long, delightful journey. A new orchestra that goes by the name "Far Side Band" is going to have its first performances. My goal as the person who called the group together is not to be a leader but to push the train on its rails composing the first material of the orchestra. This I will do as my final composition exam, knowing that we have all the ingredients to make this become historical.

The musicians are:

Joakim Berghäll, saxophones

Linda Fredriksson, saxophones

Pauli Lyytinen, saxophones

Mikko Innanen, saxophones

Verneri Pohjola, trumpet

Janne Toivonen, trumpet

Heikki Tuhkanen, trombone

Juho Viljanen, bass trombone

Antti Kujanpää, piano

Uffe Krokfors, double bass

Mika Kallio, drums

The future will show what we're capable of!